July 16, 2019
Views: 266
Price: $750 000.00
Condition: Brand New
Purpose: Sell
Property Type: Plots
Land Area: 600 sqm
Expires After: 1 Month


It's mid 2019 and you are already packaging the rent you want to pay for another year. How long will you continue like this?
This is the reason you get anxious every December, this is the reason you are sad at the end of the year.
But knowing that the average rent in Lagos is currently 600k (at least for a 2 bedroom flat).
Why can't you decide to be a landlord yourself this december by taking advantage of this 100% dry land beautiful estate from REVOLUTIONPLUS PROPERTY at just 750k per 600sqm BROOKLYN COURT PHASE 2 is your best bet and the best part of the deal is you *BUY 5 you get 1 free.*

Think twice before you start packaging another Rent for next year call me now on  to help you secure a plot in this property.

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Address: Nigeria,
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